P3 Platform Plugin Padlock Encryption Service


I want to ensure that  your code is protected as possible so you are successful and will remain a customer of mine for a long time. Most programs  like Diamond, CLI, Agile.net, Dotfuscator, Codeveil, and Salamander are simply using Obfuscation which is easy to decompile. Obfuscation does nothing to the source code within your methods, so it is not protected at all by obfuscation. Obfuscation puts a lock on a door it does not put it in a safe in a bank in a fortress.


A quick test of your dll using .NET Reflector will usually allows easy decompilation of a chunk of your code if using CLI or agile etc….  The issue is Agile and most others holds out a single method in decryption in memory and a program can be run to pull each method up to decompile the code. Agile.net program by SecureTeam.net does not replace the IL code it simply blocks the IL code and uses obfuscation. See what happens when you try to decompile it using the free fully functional trial of .net Reflector. http://www.reflector.net/  Simply download/install drag drop your and my dll file in there right click and click on decompile on the dll file itself. You can then export the decompiled files to a directory to see them in detail. This is a rudimentary program that many hackers use as it is decently effective and many are much more skilled than this program. A chunk may be protected but not as well as it could have been and a few tweeks and each method could be pulled 1 at a time through automation out of memory to reconstruct the cs files.


I do everything that obfuscation does, like Agile.net, but I use more than obfuscation. I use a proprietary technology that completely stops decompilation by replacing CIL code within various methods of the encrypted code and building a native code wall to protect the .net assembly by producing a file type that cannot be understood directly as CLI.


After we encrypt it then the new code will do a lot more.  When your assembly is first loaded the software uses the encrypted version of your assembly as a decryption key to decode key portions of itself. Any unauthorized modifications to the assembly will corrupt this process preventing the assembly from loading properly. The runtime executive injects additional instructions that will wreak havoc on debuggers that attempt to attach to a veiled process and perform any debugging operations. It will use many different anti-debugging techniques – some well known, others designed by in house – so that overcoming one block does not expose other portions of the code. Anti-Reflection techniques are applied when the assembly is veiled. This junk meta-data will crash or severely impair a .NET disassembly tool such as Reflector and ILDASM from accessing the good meta-data. The .NET runtime has special points of entry for profilers that allow them to see and modify assemblies at runtime. The runtime executive will prevent the process from loading the veiled assembly and eliminate the threat.Plus Anti-Compiling will Prevents third parties from building applications using assemblies from your project. Attempts to compile against a protected assembly will crash the .NET compilers.

It seems bold but we believe it is not possible to decompile or reverse engineer the protected assembly code. This method has NEVER been broken.  I have paid people to try (i.e. $500 or $1,000 if you can break this).  Again my desire is to give your code the best protection as I need you to be protected so you are successful and remain a customer of mine for a long time.

My encryption is not only more secure but it allows for much faster processing (i.e. 3 seconds compared to programs like Diamond, CLI, Agile.net, Dotfuscator, Codeveil, Salamander that can easily take 15 to 45 seconds when loading historical data to draw tick based bars like renko and range). Other clients of mine that have custom renko bars and many other bars types have all verified this to be consistent. This will help ensure more trials turning into subscribers, more referrals, and longer subscriptions.


My exe file implementation makes it fast and easy for customers which helps translate from trials to sales faster and of course referrals thereby helping you be more successful so we all win.


This service is only availble to indicatorlicense.com customers. We will encrypt 3 exe files for free for you within 15 days of your subscription. Then 3 more free encryptions every 3 months. Additionall exe files cost $100 per exe file.


Note we can put as many files in one exe as you want (Indicators, Bar Types, EA’s, Strategies, Sounds, Templates, Workspaces, Sounds, etc..).

Then just give it to your customer the file, they download it from yous site double click and within seconds everything is installed where you want it.  They open NinjaTrader (or other platform) and then open your indicator, bar type, template, workspace etc….  It will prompt them for the key which our system will auto provision for them and email to them (from your email address with your personalized email message).


Our non-disclosure agreement covers you backwards and forwards. Click the Sign Up Now Link above to see the agreement.


Please call with any questions,


Darrell Martin