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How It Works

How Does It Work?

Using the Automated Licensing Server couldn’t be easier.

After you signup you simply insert a small piece of code in your plugin script.

Setup a product in your Indicator License backoffice.

And then manually and/or automatically provision keys (24/7).

There is no need to collect a customers computer ID so they don’t have to find it, send it to you, and wait on you to respond or edit some code.

Easy Shopping Cart Integration

Easy Shopping Cart Integration

Integrating the automated licensing server with Paypal for one time, trial, and recurring payments.

It is easy just setup a paypal button enter a simple code we give you and you are all set.

Additionally you can integrate it with dozens of other shopping carts in minutes with our Amember V3 or V4 plugin provided FREE with your subscription.

Click HERE to view carts for amember V3.x

Click HERE to view carts for amember V4.x

Limit How Many Computers Can Access Your Plugin

Define # of Workstations

You can manually define by product what the default number is for number of computers a person can use the key on.

For example you may give them 2 so they can put on on their backup. Or you may limit it to 1 and offer a small upgrade fee to be able to activate the key on a backup pc.

You can setup multiple versions of the same product just changing the number of keys available so you can charge for additional keys.

In addition, you can manually go in and edit any customers key to allow for more or less workstations/computers without the user having to change license keys.

Define How Long Key Is Active & Make Them Part Of A Subscription Based Product

Define The Life Of The Key

You can automatically set how long the key is active for. You may choose to manually provision a customer and make it good for life. If they cancel/get refund/chargeback you can go in and shut them off with the simple push of a button.

You can have the life of the key defined with paypal or amember to automatically set the life to be good until the next payment. It will automatically renew the key on each successful payment. If their next payment does not clear it will automatically disable the key until they have paid. This serves as a great reminder to update expired credit cards etc…

This allows you to not have to worry about sending new code (egg timer) or provision a key.

Give Out A Free Timed Demo With No Key Required

Free Time Trial: No Key

You can allow people to download your indicator with a free trial built in and no key required.

After the trial days are up it will no longer work and a message will pop up prompting them to contact you (and provide a link you provide) to subscribe.

They can uninstall and reinstall it all they want. It won’t work again without a key (Don’t ask how…it is a secret we don’t share so it can be protected).

Autoresponder Subscribers: This is also great for an incentive for an autoresponder email. They give you a name and email and they get a email (helps with getting valid emails) with a link in it to download the free indicator.

Viral effect: Also if they share it with friends then that is awesome as it gives you a chance to get referrals.

One Click To Unlock Workstation/Key

Easy Key Unlock

Say your customer has upgraded/changed computers they can request you unlock it.

All you have to do is hit a button and it will drop the computer IDs on that key and let them move it to a new computer.

You don’t have to get a new computer id, generate a bunch of stuff ad then send it.

But they don’t have to know how easy it is. Some of our customers actually charge a small fee (i.e. $10 per indicator) for this service (hitting the unlock button). Before you scoff at this consider charging the fee is good as it discourages people from requesting an unlock and then selling it to someone else. Plus it does take time for you to do this, even if it is less than one second, it is your time.

Deactivate The Key At Any Time

Easy Key Deactivation.

The key is setup on a amount of time with an expiry date, though that date may be 12/31/2099.

So, if for any reason (cancel/refund/ chargeback, etc.) you need to deactivate a key you simply set the expiry date to yesterday’s date.

Additionally you can delete the user altogether. (However, if you don’t delete them and they come back you can give them the same key and see their history [ie someone trying to get away with a 30 day money back guarantee over and over])

The key will no longer work the next day when the user reopens their platform and tries to open your plugin (i.e. indicator).

Limit Symbols Your Plugin Can Be Used On To Instantly Create New Products To Sell

Limit Symbols: Make Products Instantly
**Make More $$$**

You can limit what symbols the key can be used with. For instance you could limit it to only forex pairs, or metals, or energies, or us indices, or major ETF’s by entering the symbols in the product in your backoffice. You can change this at any time on the fly without provisining anything new to your customers.You can even update a customers key to work on different symbols with a simple click.This allows you to make multiple products from one plugin. Now instead of giving someone access to everything you have the option of splitting up what your plugin can be used on.This allows you to create multiple products at no additional cost.For example one customer has a plugin. they want to charge $125 a month to use the plugin. So what they do is charge $50 a month per symbol with 12 different symbols to choose from or they give the customer the option to get all 12 for $125. This allows them to make the $125 seem small as all 12 at $50 would cost $600 total. Therefore, increasing the value and lowering the perceived cost of the $125 product making it the obvious choice. It also allows a low entry price for the customer to try the product and then upgrade to get the rest of the symbols once they are hooked.In addition, this feature allows you to make a great trial product. (i.e. only works on Corn) until they buy it.

Package Multiple Products Into One Key

Easily Package Products Into One Key

You can setup individual products such as superindicator, superscanner, superstrategy, superbartype.

Then you can make another product that includes the indicator, scanner, strategy, and bar type. You can make multiple products with any combination of your plugins.

If you have 5 indicators you could make it where they get each indicator for a fee (i.e. $200 each or pay $500 for all 5 indicators). The nice thing is you make a key and they get it and can activate each of them with the same key.

You can use this feature to increase the value of your package deals and easily automate delivery of the licensing of those packages.

You could have 10 or 1,000 indicators and they could all use the same key.

Also a great benefit is they will only be able to use that key on the number of computers you specified. So if you specified 1 computer and they bought 30 indicators from you. They would only be able to use the 30 indicators on the one computer so they could not share them with others.

Use Email Autoresponders With License Keys To Track Activation & Deliver Emails

Easy AutoResponder Integration

You can easily integrate any autoresponder email program like: Infusionsoft, GetResponse, MailChimp, IContact, 1ShoppingCart, AutoResponse Plus, and many others through the use of the direct email subscribe feature. No hardcoding required just paste in an email address.

What will happen is when the customer enters their license key the first time the server will automatically subscribe them to your autoresponder.

This allows you to automatically track when someone has activated their key. [Note: You can also login to your back office to see when someone has activated their key as the unlock key will appear next to their key]

You can also use this to walk them through a series of emails.

For example:
You setup for autoresponders all with their own series of emails.

Marketing: You, your affiliate, or JV partner sends out emails to their list.

They send out a promo offer consisting of 7 emails over 14 days

Demo: They click on the link and fill in the form to get the free demo indicator (i.e. 7 day trial no key required just name and email). Your autoresponder then drops them from the marketing list and moves them to the demo list.

Now they receive a series of emails on how to use the demo and a promotion of the special you are offering. They keep getting these until they subscribe on whatever interval you choose.

Activation: They decide to buy and now a new set of emails comes out teaching them how to use the product. Occasionally updates and special offers are sent out. However, you know weveryone on this list subscribe to this product (i.e. ES only for $50 a month)

Upgrade: However, since you know they subscribe to the ES autoresponder you setup a series of emails to go out to them a week after subscribing mentioning to them the special to upgrade to get all 12 symbols for a savings of 80% off (i.e. $50 x 12  = $600 but get all 12 for only $125)

Now that you have sold all the products you own to them you can put them on a JV/Affiliate Marketing List.

Pop Up Message For Webinars, Specials, Annoucments, and Social Media

Simple Powerful Communication Tool

This is an amazing communication tools that does not depend on your customer reading your facebook post, your twitter feed, checking your website, or reading their email.

When your customers open any of your plugins a message can be set to pop up.
(You can even define what message pops up on which product to make messages product specific – i.e. A signup message that only goes to demo users).

They can close it or click for the message to not show again.

Once they choose it the same message will not pop up again until you change it.

However, the the next time you change the message a new message will appear.

You can use this to share facebook and twitter links, announce webinars, announce promotions, announce trade shows you will be at, and you can use it to even to market other products and services that compliment yours.

Automatically protect indicators, strategies, EA's, scanners, bar types and other plugins

Protect All Types Of Plugins


With the Easy Indicator License system you can protect all types of plugins including: indicators, scanners, strategies, EA’s, and even bar types. We have not yet found a plugin that cannot be protected so long as it relies on a bar update to be used.

One Key For Multiple Platforms Or Separate Plugins Keys By Platform

Protect Plugins
On A Variety of Platforms

Easily protect plugins on a variety of platforms including: Ninjatrader, Tradestation, Metatrader 4 & 5, Metastock, OEC, Sierra Chart, MultiCharts, Esignal, ensign, Rightedge, and more.Any system that uses C++ code for plugins can use the Indicator License System.Please note: The subscription comes with the ability to use one platform. You can use the subscription on all platforms avaiable for  a small upgrade fee. This allows us to keep the cost down for those only using one platform but still offer a great rate to those using multiple platforms.In addition, one key can be used for all platforms. So you can have someone with Ninjatrader and MT4 and they can use the same key.Also you can create a different product and make it where they have to pay for each platform plugin. Therefore if they want to use your plugins on multiple indicators they have to pay additional.This allows you to build the value of your primary product by charging a fee for one platform and a discounted amount for each additional platform and another rate for all platforms that you plugins are programmed to work on.

Easy Upgrade

Protect Plugins
On A Variety of Platforms

You can manually upgrade a customer with the simple click of a button to give them access to other products. Additionally, you can set up a product they subscribe to that will activate a new key for them to use so you don’t have to manually update their key when they upgrade.

One customer packages all his products in one exe file for ninjatrader. If they try to use products they have not purchased a message pops up prompting them to upgrade. This allows the user to only have to do one download and intrigues them to want to upgrade without giving them access to all products.

Easy Manual Activation

It Is Easy To Activate A Key

You can easily create a new sale manually by entering the customers email, name, product, how many computers they can use it on, and choose the start and end date for the key. To make it lifetime simply set it to 12/31/2099. Then click Save and Send Email and they will get their key in seconds.

You can manually activate a trial license by simply enter the customers email, name, product, and how many days and you will get an instant key for them to use. This is great for having someone on the phone that really just wants to try it first and will lock the key to one computer.

Easy Paypal Automatic Integration & Activation

Simple Copy & Paste & You Are Set

Paypal is free to sign up for and now allows (at no additional charge) subscriptions without requiring paypal accounts from the customer, and it can be setup in minutes.

Just open a paypal account, or use one you have, and then go to merchant services, create a button, choose buy or subscription, and enter the details and the simple code we give you.

Then paste the button on your website and when they purchase they will receive an email from you with the key and a link to download the indicator from your site.

This allows customers to sign up 24/7 and get immediate access without having to wait on you to provision their account.

Easy Clickbank, 1 Shopping Cart & Over A Dozen Other Shopping Carts

Multiple Carts: Membership Site

A membership site is the ultimate way to create value for your plugins, including articles, videos, and occasional webinars.

The amember membership software only cost $179.95 for life, comes with free installation, excellent support, and version 4.x is powerful and very easy to use.

If you choose the amember option we can do a quick gotowebinar to help you get the plugin activated and do a quick but powerful tutorial of how to use the software.

Additionally: As available, we will provide FREE limited assistance helping you/your programmer develop plugins for other publicly available membership sites/software/shopping carts in return for being able to distribute the membership/shopping cart plugin, private labeled for indicator to offer other customers of our service.

Free Amember Plugin

Free Amember v3.x & 4.x Plugin

A membership site is the ultimate way to create value for your plugins, including articles, videos, and occasional webinars.We have developed amember v3.x and v4.x plugins for you to use. This allows you to simply add a plugin to amember and when the customer buys 24×7 the product/ subscription on your site it will provision the key, go by the trial dates you set [if any], renew the key upon successful payment, and will not only email them the key but will also store their key in their amember back office.The amember membership software only cost $179.95 for life, comes with free installation, excellent support, and version 4.x is powerful and very easy to use.If you choose the amember option we can do a quick gotowebinar to help you get the plugin activated and do a quick but powerful tutorial of how to use the software.

No Computer ID's Required!

Automated Computer ID Capture

The Indicator License system will automatically capture the computer ID for you when the customer enters their license key. This prevents the burden of them having to send you a computer ID before you can provision the working indicator to them.

In a fast technology world peopl do not want to wait 10 minutes, 1 day, or a weekend to get a key. And now you can go on vacation knowing your new customers will get everything they need on autopilot!

Customer Management

Keep Track Of Subscriber Activities

With our convenient built in notes system you can place notes on any customer for any reason. i.e. billing, why you upgraded downgrade them, why you gave them a demo etc…

Mass Import Existing Customers!

Easy Import Of Existing Customers

Do you already have a lot of customers and you would like to move them over. We can do a mass import into the licensing system.

**Easy mass import direct with amember. We can do a quick gotowebinar with you once amember is installed to help you do a quick mass import to activate all licenses. Remember this will also store the key in amember for the customers.

**If you already have amember setup and accepting payment we can help you add the product and automate all keys and renewals as well. This will also store the key in amember for the customer.

**If you are not using amember, and do not plan on using it we can do a server side import for you with a simple CSV file.

We have handled imports of 1,000’s of subscribers with no issue.

You simply provide the name, email, product, max activations, and expiration date. Most customers choose to set a lifetime expiration date on server side imports and manually deactivate them as if they are manually added they will not be tied into the automated system. All customers going forward can be tied into the automated system.

We recommend you do a crossover period. Where you notify all customers that the plugin will be upgraded within the next 30 days. They will receive a new link to download the new plugin and will receive a simple key to activate the plugin (we recommend you make a video to easily communicate this or we can make one for you). Then do the import and upgrade and ensure no issues. Once done send out a notice giving customer 15 days to download the new indicator and activate their new key before the old activation is disabled. Then send out an email 10 days before, 5 days before and then daily until you give last notice. This process ensures a smooth transition and gives your customers plenty of time to download the updated indicator using the license key so they experience no downtime as they will have access to the old and new one during the 30 day transition period. If you have any questions or concerns about this process let us know.